Early Learning Kit for Children

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Many parents and caregivers come into the Children’s department of our library looking for resources to help prepare their children for kindergarten, give their kids extra help in school, or supplement their homeschool curriculum.  We are now very excited to offer our Early Learning Kits. These kits are bags of books, lesson plans, and activities that parents can utilize at home.


Early Learning Kits, or E.L.K.s for short, are aimed at children in pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade.  There are twelve topics that are available in each grade level.  Topics include Apples, Family, Ocean, Teeth, Birds, Farm, Safety, Transportation, Dinosaurs, Moon, Senses, and Zoo.  Each kit contains five to nine books and a folder with lesson plans and activities that build literacy skills, introduce and reinforce math and science concepts, as well as providing ideas for art projects to bolster understanding of the chosen topic.  The folders also include templates for some of the activities that you can photocopy for home use. E.L.K.s contain a puzzle, folder game, or educational game related to the theme.


Patrons may check out Early Learning Kits for two weeks at a time.  If the topic and grade level in which you are interested is checked out, we can reserve the kit you want so that you can come pick it up when it is returned. We hope that you will find this new resource a useful tool in your child’s education and look forward to seeing you soon!