Holly Stormes,



Although little is officially documented regarding the construction and early years of the building that the Brookland Public Library currently sits in, it is generally agreed that the building was constructed atop the slab of a fallen grocery store building as a pellet stove store. Remnants of these days, likely in the early-to-mid 80s, can be seen both in the pellet stove built into the northern wall of the building and the remains of the original slab on the right hand side of the exterior from the street.

The connected building, which has stood for nearly 100 years, was once a store named Gamble's before being used to house Brookland's first fire truck and part of Brookland Bank's original sign to be used in a prospective museum. David Gamble, a descendant of Gamble's namesake, still sits on the Brookland City council and was responsible for the construction of the attached building that would eventually become the library. Although the museum never came to fruition, talks of expanding the Brookland Library into the building have renewed interest in displaying these items in the expanded library.