the inbetween

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4 tweens stand in front of an illuminated logo of Star Wars Episode 1 while brandishing lightsabers in a defensive position

Three adolescents stand to the right of AJ, the CCJPL Tween Librarian

Four tweens stand shoulder to shoulder, proudly showing off cupcakes they made



Welcome to the CCJPL Tween page! This is the best place to keep track of all Tween events with Ms. AJ, so stay posted!








Meet the Tween Librarian!

The tween librarian, AJ, pictured at her desk throwing up a peace sign while smiling and wearing a shirt that says "library lady"

My name is Ms. AJ Jackson, and I am your tween queen! I have been with CCJPL for six years. I have always loved being an entertainer and a storyteller. My goal is to bring tweens together across NEA to make connections, discover new passions, and become lifelong patrons.