Back-to-School Fun for Teens and Tweens: August 2023

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Back-to-school time is swiftly approaching, and in between all of the hustle and bustle, I hope all of the students out there can take some time to de-stress and process all of the new changes around them – whether that might mean new teachers, new schedules, trying a new hobby, or even meeting new friends! If you’re looking for something fun and engaging to do after school, we’ve got plenty of options for teens and tweens alike at the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library!

Teen after-school programming will primarily be on Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30-4:30 pm  – feel free to drop-in! We’ve got:

  • Pencil Pouch Painting – Design your own canvas pouch!  (August 9th)
  • Perler Bead Potted Plants – Make a 3-D Pixel-Art potted plant inspired by video games, using perler beads! (August 11th)
  • Retro Gaming – Come and play some classic video games on an old-school console – teens only! (August 16th)
  • Creative Writing Workshop – Play around with some roundtable writing exercises and get tips on crafting characters with depth. (August 23rd)
  • Home-Café Cooking Class – Teens can learn how to make, decorate and serve their own sweet café-style treats right from home! (August 25th)
  • And a Quizbowl-O-Rama Trivia Tournament – Go head-to-head and test your knowledge in this special trivia event! (August 30th)

We also have two special monthly events for teens that are always on the third Friday of the month at these respective times:

  • Friday Night Magic – A trading card game meetup, (5:00-6:45 pm, Aug. 18th)
  • Random Fandom Friday – A teens-only movie night – cosplay and geeking out encouraged! We’ll have snacks and also make a craft based off of our chosen film! This time, prepare to “join the party” for a fantasy adventure themed night of fun!  (7:00-9:00 pm, Aug. 18th)

Tween after-school programming will primarily be on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm. Tweens, this is your line-up of August events:

  • Temporary Tattoo Sleeve DIY – Tweens will be able to design their own (totally removable) mesh tattoo sleeve! (August 8th)
  • Lego Architect Challenge – Tweens will be able to let out their inner architect as they complete building challenges, recreate works of art, and play games with Lego bricks! (August 15th)
  • Slime Lab – Explore the science behind everyone’s favorite ooey-gooey Non-Newtonian Fluid – it’s SLIME TIME! Tweens will be able to make their own slime, observing the different textures produced by altering the recipe of their slime. (Science can be messy, so come prepared!)  (August 22nd)
  • Game Night Hangout – A game night for tweens only! Come de-stress after-school and play some video games and board games with friends – we’ll provide some tasty snacks, too! (August 29th)

Let’s kick off this new school year to a great start! I hope to see you all here at the library!