Teen Book Reviews

About Nina Darley and her Reviews
Nina rates books on an overall scale from 1-10, with ten being the best. She is the teen librarian at the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library, and he writes these reviews strictly as personal opinion; nothing here represents the opinions or policy of the library, its staff, or its patrons. 
Divergent by Veronica Roth

Beatrice (Tris) Pryor, narrates the story of a teenager living in a futuristic Chicago.  Society has been divided into factions, each faction having a particular strength, such as honesty, bravery, selflessness, peaceful and intelligence.   Teens are tested to see which faction they will belong to, but Tris holds a secret—she belongs to more than one faction, something that is not permitted.
Following a highly competitive initiation, and rigorous, often fatal training, Tris must learn to fit in with her new faction and their ways, and of course figure out her feelings for a romantic new interest in her life.

My Rating: 9/10  Ages 13+

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
Set in the 80’s, along with all of its glorious “tech” (cd player) Eleanor and Park is the perfect love story for geeky hopefuls.  Eleanor is a larger than
average girl, with frizzy who eventually falls in love with Park, a half Asian boy (so equally different in their small town).  Park shows her a small
kindness on the bus (he allows her to sit next to him) and their relationship grows from there.
All of the tension and angst of teenage life is in this book, including the ‘behind closed doors’ of a painful life, and Park’s desire to be Eleanor’s knight in shining armor once he realizes how bad her life is.  (Be warned, it’s pretty bad, foul language and hateful characters abound!)
My Rating 10/10 

Ages: Older teens 16+ due to language and content

Skinny by Donna Cooner
“Skinny” is the name of the voice in Ever Davies’s head.  For years, “Skinny” has been telling Ever how ugly she is, how useless, what all the other teens at the high school REALLY think of her and all 300 lbs of her. Ever only has (in her mind) one positive beautiful thing about her—her voice.  Ever sings like an angel, and she has hopes of one day performing in the school musical. In order to try to move forward in life, Ever undergoes stomach surgery to try to lose weight, and along with the help from her best and only friend (Rat), she starts this journey in her life, with “Skinny” retaining her ugly grip on Ever’s self esteem.  It’s well written from Ever’s perspective, very realistic.  Many
people will definitely nod their heads and feel Ever’s pain.  
My Rating 7/10  Ages: 13+