Pets at the Children's Library

About Our Pets

The Children’s Library is home to several full-time residents and a few temporary ones. We have pets and animals because we love watching their behaviors and enjoy taking care of them. 

The aquarium is home to several tropical fish. We often have Barbs, Mollies and Tetras. If you watch the tank your might see our Plecostomus , Charlie. He helps to keep the aquarium clean. He is almost a foot long! Thanks for helping us out, Charlie. For the real maintenance, however, we rely on the excellent work of Chuck and Tyler of Reef Escaptes.

**A new library pet coming soon!

Over the years we have had other pets including full-sized African Clawed Frogs, Guinea Pigs and several other fish to live with us. We have also ‘babysat’ for a Cinnamon Tarantula, several Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Ants, Ducklings, Chicks and one small Ball Python. Our dream pet would be to have a Library cat.