Fall Storytime Schedule

About Storytime

Family Storytimes serve families who have two or more children of different ages. Our evening Family Storytimes are ideal for working families who desire to spend quality time together. These storytimes last approximately 30-40 minutes.

PeeWee Storytimes are available to serve families with children ages 3 and under. We do ask that an adult sit with the child during this session to help the child participate in the stories, songs, and fingerplays. These sessions last about 30 minutes.

Preschool Storytimes are for families with children ages 4 through Pre-K. Adults are not required to stay, but are always welcome. Siblings who are not yet mobile are welcome. These sessions last about 30 minutes.

Lapsit Storytimes serves our youngest Library patrons and their parents or caregivers. Newborns to 24 month olds can come for stories, action movements and musics. These sessions will last about 20 minutes.

What we have to offer

The Children's Library offers a variety of storytimes throughout the year.  The staff adapts stories, songs and movement activities to match the ages and attention spans of the children attending.  Storytime at the library provides children with opportunities to expand their worlds through books and to learn social skills in a group setting.  Through our storytimes, we hope to:

  • Share the best of children's literature and illustrations.
  • Introduce the library and its services to children and families.
  • Teach children that the library is a helpful, friendly place.
  • Encourage children to become lifelong readers.
  • Provide children with group activities and experiences.
  • Promote language development and provide verbal learning experiences.
  • Promote reading aloud at home by parents and caregivers.

All storytimes are free.

Special storytimes for day cares, Head Starts, Schools, Home School groups, Scouts, etc. must be scheduled by calling 935-5133 ext. 9993.
Storytimes depend on the cooperation of parent, child, and storyteller.   Help us make storytime an enjoyable experience for your child by:

  • Before you arrive, discuss what to expect at storytime.
  • Please arrive on time.  Children are easily distracted by newcomers.
  • Be attentive and participate in the program with your child.
  • Allow the children to focus on the program.  Please take children who become restless outside the storytime area.  Try again another day.
  • Teach your child about library manners---quiet voices and no running.
  • Teach your child that books are to be valued and treated with respect.
  • Bring your library card each week and use it regularly to share books with your child.

Fall Storytime (September 8th-December 5th)

Months Active

Jan. - April
June - July
Sept. - Dec.

2&3 Year-Olds (Pee-Wees)

Tuesday - 10:00        
Wednesday - 10:00

4&5 Year-Olds (Pre-School)

Tuesday - 10:45
Wednesday - 10:45

Family Storytime

Monday - 6:00pm

Lapsit (Newborns to 24 months)

Thursdays - 10:00
Friday - 9:30  

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